Registration is Open for Our Second Session of Fall French Classes!

Regular Courses

Designed to develop or enhance the spoken and written French, these 33hr courses are held over a period of 11 weeks.

They can be combined with thematic courses or private lessons to strengthen specific skills.


Accelerated Courses

Accelerated courses cover 33hr of material (same as regular courses), but are held more frequently over a concentrated period of only 5 1/2 weeks. They help to reach an intermediate level and/or help prepare for passing a test.

They are designed for adults wishing to rapidly acquire or develop spoken and written skills.


Thematic Courses

These courses are geared for learners who have already reached a French language A2 level (except for Pas à Pas courses for complete beginners). They are designed over a period of 5 weeks and can be taken in support of a regular course.

They are not only aimed at improving the written and spoken language (grammar, vocabulary and linguistic activities from different mediums), but also to reinforce the specific knowledge of students in various fields: literature, culture, cinema, business language, etc.


Immersion Courses

To create a solid foundation, take a 2-week immersion course: every day 3 hours of intensive French. Move to an intermediate level in 3 months instead of 15 months.

Immersion courses are organized on demand. To schedule a class call 568-0770.



The objective of the language workshops is to immerse the learners in a linguistic bath and to approach the learning of the French language in a natural way.

The workshops can also offer the experience of a cultural or artistic practice. They are conducted in French.