Private French Classes

The Alliance Française can occasionally provide private instruction, for all adult levels, as teacher availability allows.  Lessons are bundled into 6-hour packages, with instruction once a week for an hour.  We offer only pre-arranged lessons, on a recurring schedule, with a 24-hour cancellation policy.  We are happy to work with your schedule as much as possible, but are not able to accommodate varying schedules or repeated cancellations. Lessons take place at the Alliance Française on Jackson Avenue.

Available for adults, with very limited availability for teens 13 years and up.

Please contact us using the link below, and allow us a few days to respond.   It generally takes 1-3 weeks to set up private lessons, or more if a Group Class Session is starting.  Our private lesson availability depends on group class scheduling and teacher availability, and is very limited. We do maintain a wait list and will be happy to put you on it.  Merci.

Click here to inquire about a private class 

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Private classes are sold in bundles of 6 hours.
Once your class is arranged with our office, you may use this link for secure online payment with Mastercard/Visa: Make Payment

one person ($45/hr): $270
two people ($30/person/hr): $180 per person
three people ($25/person/hr): $150 per person