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Alliance Francaise Puerto Rico Fundraiser

In the wake of an intense and devastating hurricane season, Puerto-Rico has been dramatically hit by two ruthless hurricanes within two weeks –Irma and Maria- that have decimated the island and  imposed dire conditions of life to its inhabitants: lack of water, electricity, gas, and communication networks. Although the Alliance Française of Puerto Rico has been lucky enough to claim minor material damage, it has had no electricity since September 6, the date of the first hurricane. This power outage is likely to last for a period of 6 months, as the island network is badly damaged. The Alliance Française of Puerto Rico is struggling to restore its activities, and in order to do so, urgently needs to buy an electricity generator that would allow it to resume classes.

The cost of such an generator is estimated at $30,000, but the treasury of the Alliance is unable to consider such an expense at the moment, putting the very existence of the Alliance at risk.

With the support of the Fondation Alliance Française in Paris and the Délégation Générale de l’Alliance Française in the United States the Alliance Française of New Orleans has offered to become the fiscal sponsor for the raising of funds for the Alliance Française of Puerto Rico as the conditions and lack of electricity there have left them without even a viable means of raising their own funds.

The Alliance Française of Puerto Rico is calling for our help in this time of crisis to ensure that it can continue its mission and that of the Alliance Française at large.  The Alliance Française has become the world-renowned organization and network that it is today because of its values and the strength of each of it’s pieces bound and working together in solidarity.  Help us be an example of this solidarity and fraternity by joining us to help our sister school in her time of need.

Together we can make the difference for the Alliance Française of Puerto Rico.  Together we can exemplify what it means to be an “alliance,” and an Alliance Française.

Donate to the Alliance Française of Puerto Rico

(If you would like to donate via check, please mention the Alliance Française of Puerto Rico in the memo.  Receipts for donations can be provided upon request.)